High Technology

Our high technology professionals are chosen by a tough team of recruiters who sift through thousands of resumes to pick the few hundred chosen ones, who today make Xoriant Connect among the top staffing companies in the United States.
Our top-notch technical professionals include those who will work either with your existing team or form their own teams to cater your requirements.

Xoriant Connect has provided services to multiple sub segments within the high technology verticals such as:

  • Semiconductor
  • Computer systems and peripherals
  • Networking and data communications – software, systems or semiconductors
  • Telecommunications equipment and software
  • Biomedical instruments
  • Consumer electronics
  • Software - systems, tools, enterprise applications
  • E-Commerce

Over the years, Xoriant Connect has undertaken the following projects in the high technology segment. Our professionals have performed different roles, such as architecture, design, development, implementation, testing, support, maintenance, professional services as well as business analysis. Some of the projects include:

  • Sustaining and enhancements of the middleware, database and applications environment used for the worldwide semiconductor fabrication facilities of a large semiconductor company
  • Development and testing of networking device drivers and some modules of a comprehensive network management system including SNMP station manager for a well known computer systems company.
  • Participation in the ERP upgradation for a large computer systems company
  • Design and development of web based front end for a network management system for a large networking company.
  • Business analysis, design, development and implementation of a sales commission system and service management system, with tight interfaces with the ERP system for a well known networking company
  • Design, development and customer implementations at global telcos of an extended services administration module for a leading wireless gateway company.
  • Device level and FDA regulatory compliance testing of different modules of a large medical instrument company
  • Unit level, systems level and interoperability testing for an internet TV appliance
  • Upgrade, enhancements and fresh development of an ERP system and adjacent custom systems for a large electronic game manufacturer
  • Full life cycle including design, development, testing, support and maintenance for several independent software vendors (ISV's)
  • Backend design, development, deployment and web analytics for a consumer facing E-Commerce Company in the healthcare space.

Our technology and communications professionals can be classified into:

Xoriant Connect understands technology, and even more, the people who make technology work. We have professionals who are abreast with new technology and are always willing to cater your specific needs.