Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

We, at Xoriant Connect, facilitate you with CRM professionals who will augment your staff for a variety of jobs including implementation, support, customization and integration, which will lead to lasting and satisfying customer-relationship program.

CRM plays an important role in maximizing the levels of customer satisfaction and enhancing the company-customer relationship. As a successful and profitable business organization, we know that customer satisfaction is of paramount importance. Businesses may be alike, but every company differs, in that its philosophy is dictated by manpower and its collective beliefs and goals. Xoriant Connect recognizes your unique requirements, and assists you with quality CRM staff that will support you with CRM initiatives and software packages: both tailor made to suit your needs or integrate packaged software with your existing systems. We will provide you with more than adequate information through our customized CRM strategy and implementation.

Along with the implementation process we also provide employee-training, marketing, information management and front-office customer service systems.

Our skilled professionals will assist you in:

  • Rationalizing the business processes
  • Identifying the customer segments
  • Increasing customer retention
  • Deciding marketing strategies
  • Maximizing profits


Xoriant Connect provides rich pool of Salesforce professionals that are well versed with the suite covering the entire spectrum from solution implementation, management to maintenance support and administration.

Salesforce explores the best of both the CRM and the cloud paradigm and is more suited for the business needs of the organizations. Our Salesforce professionals have extensive experience in implementing solutions, building custom applications and customizing Sales Cloud.

Xoriant Connect has professionals fulfilling all Salesforce requirements of consulting, implementation and maintenance solutions. They will help you leverage the cloud and maximize your existing investment in the solution exploring its capabilities while also realizing its limitations.

Supply Change management (SCM)

Xoriant Connect provides proficient SCM professionals that will enable planning, execution, and coordination of the entire supply network.

SCM refers to a systematic system approach to managing the entire supply chain activities. It enhances the decision making along the supply chain network. Our SCM software professionals will be involved at each stage including implementation and support which will help the organizations in synchronizing the flow of products and information right down to its logical end.